BINUH will work, in an advisory capacity, with the Haitian authorities and the United Nations Country Team in Haiti (composed of 19 agencies, funds and programs) in the area of security, in particular by:

  • Providing advisory support to the Haitian National Police (HNP) on a) the advancement its 2017-2021 Strategic Development Plan, b) the reduction of gang violence and the promotion of gender-responsive protection in affected communities, and c) the respect of human rights.
  • Promoting a multisectoral approach to assist the Government and other stakeholders in the implementation of community violence reduction programmes, community policing, and other initiatives to address gang violence, while reinforcing the HNP’s stronger analytical and operational capacity. 
  • Providing advisory support to the National Commission on Disarmament, Dismantlement, and Reinsertion in the implementation of the national strategy to address gang and community violence, including sexual and gender-based violence, and in the promotion of adequate legal frameworks.
  • Assisting the Directorate of Prison Administration (DAP) in reinforcing the Haitian corrections system.