Human Rights

BINUH will work, in an advisory capacity, with the Haitian authorities and the United Nations Country Team in Haiti (composed of 19 agencies, funds and programs) on the promotion of human rights, in particular by:

  • Consolidating the national frameworks and institutions for the protection and promotion of human rights, with a particular focus on protecting women’s rights and strengthening gender equality.
  • Promoting human rights as a crosscutting priority in areas such as justice and rule of law reforms, child rights, women’s participation in the social, political and economic spheres, humanitarian response, and sustainable development.
  • Supporting the Haitian National Police (HNP) and the Directorate of Prison Administration (DAP) in their efforts to reduce human rights violations – including arbitrary arrest and detention – as well as gender-based violence, and increase accountability.
  • Strengthening the independence of the National Human Rights Institution (OPC) and civil society as well as their capacity to promote and protect human rights.