A minute of silence in remembrance of our fallen colleagues in Gaza

13 Nov 2023

A minute of silence in remembrance of our fallen colleagues in Gaza

On Monday, 13 November 2023, as did all the United Nations secretariat offices and duty stations around the world, BINUH lowered the UN flag and observed a minute of silence, to mourn our colleagues who have lost their lives in Gaza.

All BINUH personnel assembled outside the main BINUH entrance to attend the lowering to half-mast of the United Nations flag, and solemnly observe a minute of silence.

Remarks by the Chief of Staff, William P. Gardner  
“As staff of the United Nations, it is our purpose to help people achieve peace by assisting in the resolution of differences through economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian cooperation.   

All people of the world have the right to live free of violence and insecurity, based on the respect for the fundamental principles of equal rights and self-determination, without distinction as to race, gender, language, or religion.

The events of the past five week in the middle east have shaken all of us. They have brought us much sadness and anguish as we struggle to understand the logic for the actions we have witnessed marked by such brutality and profound inhumanity.

In the face of such calamitous and heart wrenching events, our courageous colleagues of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon and of the specialised Agencies, Funds and Programmes are working, while facing sustained personal danger, to bring assistance to the helpless and ease the suffering of those in need.

This morning we stand in remembrance and respect for the over one hundred United Nations personnel who lost their lives to the conflict in the past five weeks.

The UN flag will now be lowered to half-mast as we observe a minute of silence.
At the end of our silent contemplation, we ask that all staff and personnel leave the area quietly and return to their offices.”