Press Release-Haïti: Establishment of Airbridge

13 Mar 2024

Press Release-Haïti: Establishment of Airbridge

Port-au-Prince, le 13 mars 2024: In light of the growing logistical challenge to travel in and out of Haiti, the UN is establishing an airbridge between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The airbridge will ensure the seamless delivery of humanitarian aid and support services to Haiti, and facilitate the movement of our personnel in and out of the country.

The UN is in Haiti with teams ready to continue delivering support to the people of Haiti. We are reconfiguring our presence while remaining fully committed.

The UN has authorized the temporary relocation of some internationally recruited personnel from Haiti, while other crisis and humanitarian personnel will surge into the country.

The safety of our national personnel and their families in Haiti is a priority. We are exploring all options to support our national personnel who are working to deliver critical life-saving humanitarian aid to the population in Haiti amidst dire conditions.

We will continue to monitor and review measures we take as the situation develops.




Contact: Mathias Gillmann; BINUH Spokesperson,; Phone: +50944162003.